Dropil Home In-Depth Look

1. Dropil Home

Let’s take a look at all the great new features that Dropil Home has to offer. As shown in the image below, the landing page of Dropil Home contains all of the Dropil Apps and simple descriptions of each.

Simply click on any one of the apps and it will automatically log you into that app seamlessly. As we expand on Dropil’s vast product and service offering, new apps will show up here making this feature even more valuable.

Dropil Home

We have added additional optional security selections which will include automatically logging you out of all services whenever an IP change is detected and disabling withdrawals for 24 hours after a password reset.

As we have always said, we take security seriously and want to arm you with all the tools to keep your account secure but do so without making security a pain to implement. We will always be working to expand on our security features being that user security is one of the core values at Dropil.


We have also made managing your two-factor a breeze by placing it in a single location. Once two-factor is enabled, manage your general two-factor settings inside the Home portal, or navigate to each platform and manage relevant settings inside each platform.

Two-Factor Authentication

Hand in hand with security is staying informed on all account activity, with this in mind we are pleased to be implementing a more advanced notification system with many new notification abilities and the ability to be notified via email, Telegram, or both. The following will all be optional notification options on launch :


You may also easily navigate to portal specific notification options by clicking on any of the robots to navigate to that platform.

Dropil Home will now be home to the management of your Telegram account and all Dropil Telegram assistants. Easily connect and disconnect your Telegram username to any of the Dropil Telegram bots by using the “Telegram” tab of Dropil Home. Simply connect your Telegram username, then click “Connect” on any of the available Telegram Bots.

Telegram Management Tab

By connecting to the new Dropil Home assistant, you will be able to receive alerts and notifications setup on the “Notifications” tab of Dropil Home via Telegram instead of email. For many, receiving notifications via a mobile app such as Telegram will give a much faster and streamlined notification experience.

The support/ticket system of Dropil is moving to Dropil Home with an update to the design and functionality to give users a simple and desirable experience. Navigate to the support section from within any of the Dropil apps by using the dropdown menu in the top left corner of any app and clicking the “Support” button. The ticket system has been updated to be more efficient and intuitive; users should experience an increase in performance while using the new system.

Truwho TruID linking will now be managed directly from Dropil Home via a new API key system. This will allow users to connect their TruID to Dropil directly inside the Truwho portal and pass the TruID and API key from Truwho to Dropil, eliminating an extra step in the process because who needs extra steps. As of the writing of this article, KYC verification is only required when using Dex; additional Dropil services in the future may also require KYC.

An updated article on how to link your TruID will be released with these updates. Existing users that have already linked their TruID will not have to worry about this. We will automatically import your generated API key into Dropil Home with the update.

KYC Verification

Thank your for attentions❤

I hope youre have a great day!

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Dropil Ambassador & Dropil Enthusiast https://dropil.com

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Armando Marais

Armando Marais

Dropil Ambassador & Dropil Enthusiast https://dropil.com

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